EA Tiburon: NBA LIVE 19
I designed several faces for the player cards, social media posts, in-game challenges, as well as some icon and concept work. I worked alongside 2 other designers, but all work below is mine. 
Halloween Event

I was in charge for concepting all designs for the cards, packs, social media posts, and icons for this event. Below are some examples from the Halloween Event. All player photos and copy are boiler plate.
Veterans Day

I was tasked with creating a one-off design for Veterans Day for a special card design as well as a Social Media post. Below are those examples.
Ultimate Shaq Card

When you get asked to make Shaq cards that are incredibly overpowered, you don't blink. Below are card designs/ packs/ and challenge banners I created for these "monster-pieces".
Holiday Event

For the holidays I was tasked with creating two different card designs that would celebrate players old and new to the game! The classic players use the blue design while the red design is used for the newer players.
All-Star Event

With the excitement of the NBA All-Stars arriving, there was no doubt a unique design would need to be made in game. I created these two options to showcase the All-Star present and past players. LeBron is a placeholder.
Here are several images used for events run throughout NBA Live's 2019 run.
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